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Privacy Policy

In accordance with the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13th December, of the Protection of Personal Details NERJA VILLAS S.C.A. with Fiscal I.D. Number F-92.123.918 informs the Clients of the existence of an automated filing system of a personal carácter named “POTENTIALS WEB” recorded in the General Register the Protection of Data, created for the realization of reservations and the sending of the information regarding services provided by the company, commercial information y client fidelity.

The sending of and registration of personal details

The sending of personal details is obligatory in order to contact with and receive information regarding the services provided by NERJA VILLAS S.C.A. In the same way, upon not providing the personal details requested or does not accept the policy of the protection of data, the jeans that it will be impossible to subscribe, register or receive information regarding the said services.

In accordance with that set down by the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13th December, of the Protection of Personal Details, we advise you that personal details obtained as a consequence of their being sent will be incorporated in a file with the title NERJA VILLAS S.C.A., with address in the Comercial Centre, Capistrano Village, Local 3ª, 29780 NERJA (0álaga), having implemented all the security measures established in the Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 2st December.

Accuracy and veracity of the details provided

The client that sends the information to NERJA VILLAS S.C.A. is the sole party responsible for the veracity de los datos incluidos of the details included, exonerating NERJA VILLAS S.C.A. of any responsibility to this respect.

The clients guarantee and answer to, in any event, to the exactitude, duration and authenticity of the personal details made available, and they are bound to maintain them duly updated.  The client agrees to provide the complete and correct information on the registration form or subscription.

NERJA VILLAS, S.C.A. does not answer to the veracity of any information that is not of their own preparation nor that which comes from another source, for which they will not assume any responsibility whatsoever as far a as any hipothetical damage/prejudices may arise from the use of said information.

NERJA VILLAS S.C.A. is exonerated of responsibility of any damage or prejudice that may be suffered by the client as a consequence of errors, insufficiency or omissions, in the information provided by NERJA VILLAS S.C.A., in the case the information is from sources outside of NERJA VILLAS S.C.A.

Conveyance of details to third parties

NERJA VILLAS S.C.A. will not convey personal details to third parties.  However, the person affected will be informed of any possible conveyances in the case that they carried out.  In the same way, he may oppose the conveyance of his details by contacting the address or e-mail specified in the following clause.

Exercise of rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition

The person affected may address his communications and exercise his rights of access, rectification and opposition through the postal address Comercial Centre, Capistrano Village, local 3A, 29780 NERJA, (Málaga) or e-mail at [email protected], along with valid legal proof, such as of a photocopy of I.D. and indicating subject matter “PROTECTION OF DATA”.

Acceptance and Consent

The Client declares that he has been informed of the conditions regarding the protection of personal details, accepting and consenting to the dealing of the same by NERJA VILLAS S.C.A., in the form and for the purposes indicated in the present Policy of Protection of Personal Details.

Changes in the present policy of privacy

NERJA VILLAS S.C.A. reserves the right to modify the present policy to adapt it to new legislations court decisions, as well as to business practices. Under these circumstances, NERJA VILLAS S.C.A. will announce of this page the changes made with reasonable notice before they are put into practice.